Tax and Social Security Incentives Consultancy
Tax and Social Security administrations have excluded certain issues normally subject to tax and bonus, and individuals due to such reasons as getting the chance of competition advantage in the international trade, pacing for the countries to reach the strategic aims or social reasons. Countless applications regarding this issue exist in the Turkish tax and social security regulation. It is possible to plan tax and social security planning by many legal methods such as VAT exception in export, application of free zone, technopark application, R&D promotions, share sale exceptions, realty sale exceptions, exceptions in fees, various compensation and support exceptions, exceptions in independent business profits, exceptions in security incomes, exemptions spreading scientific study, participation profits exceptions, provision, employer share bonus promotion, advantages provided for the employers who increases employment. Legal reduction of tax and social security bonus which is an element of expense for the companies only occurs through correct information and correct practice. Regula, without leaving the legal grounds, by ethically using the legal rights given, enables to benefit from promotions and reduce this expense.